Prevent Accidents With SadeLabs Forklift Collision Avoidance System

Improve safety and prevent accidents with our UWB forklift collision avoidance system.

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Turnkey Solution

Ensure safety with our UWB-enabled forklift collision avoidance system.

Affordable and quick turnkey solution for workplace safety

With our “collision warning” system, each lift truck is equipped with a transmit/receive module that detects other lift trucks and pedestrians. When lift trucks get too close to each other, both vehicles emit acoustic and visual warnings.

As a proximity detection system, our device includes modules for both lift trucks and the pedestrians who work near them. The truck module transmits a radio signal that is received and reflected by each pedestrian’s personal module. The personal module can be worn as an UWB tag. The system detects the distance between the lift truck and tagged pedestrians at all times, using the radio signal’s “run-time” measurement. If a pedestrian gets too close to a lift truck, the truck driver receives both visual and acoustic alerts.

With our “fixed-position monitoring” system, several transponder modules are installed above gates, aisle entrances, or other high-traffic areas. These modules reflect radio signals from approaching lift trucks. If a truck comes too close to another in the monitored zone, the system automatically sends the driver an acoustic or visual signal, ensuring safe operation in busy areas.

Compatible with all trucks! Easy installation! Fast Acting UWB Technology

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